Milky Way, night stars, romantic atmosphere, and you two, that’s just the most beautiful piece of artwork you can get and place on your walls.

I love to photograph Milky Way and when you place the couple in the photo itself, it’s just WOW!!! Who wouldn’t like to have photo of themself, when holding your partner with the magical stars above? Am i right? In the past few years I had the opportunity to capture some couples at night and I have been asked for that more and more now. We can do night shoot within my biggest wedding package, when I stay with you for the whole night, but it is not always possible. Some time you are just too busy and you don’t have a time for that. Sometimes the weather decides for you and it’s done. So I have decided to do special trips just for this reason.

If you fell in Love with these images and you need to have them too just contact me here.