Christchurch wedding photography

Engagement photo sessions

Pre weddings, engagement sessions or couple shots. Just two in love wanting to have some nice photos together. These sessions are awesome ways how to get the best from your photos. There is no rush for a time. You basically choose the best time for you, with the best lighting, like sunrise or sunset. You don’t usually have a time on your wedding day to drive to some perfect location, so choose your ideal place and let’s go!

Here you can see the whole gallery from an Engagement photo session with me

Why do I like engagement session?

Why I like to do engagement sessions? The biggest reason is, that we can get to know each other better before your wedding. It is the easiest way how to find out if I am the best suit for you. That is why I also include engagement sessions in my top wedding packages.If you like my photos and my style of shooting, but you want to be sure I am the right person to take to your wedding, just book engagement photoshoot with me. You will have enough time to see if I am the right suit for you.

 In this time you will also get more comfortable in front of the camera. I will be showing you how to pose and what to avoid on the wedding day, so your wedding photos will look just amazing. And as a bonus you will have beautiful photos of yourself. You can use them on your invites or just print them for yourself.