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Hotel Heritage Hanmer Springs wedding photo by Martin Setunsky

Wedding in Hotel Heritage Hanmer Springs - Brent and Crystal Have you ever been to Hanmer Springs in New Zealand? It is a magical place with beautiful nature and hot pools. :D It was no surprise that when I arrived at Hotel Heritage for the wedding, the guys were nowhere to be found. They were having fun in the pools and none of them wanted to get out ... haha. Starting a little later didn't change anything and the whole day was perfect. Awesome weather, superb people and an amazing atmosphere!!! All right let's start the day... I didn't have to wait long for the guys to show up and I had some time to go around and take photos of the Hotel Heritage in the meantime. So no problem whatsoever. After guys got ready, the ladies let me know when they arrived back from the hair saloon. I visted…

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Tips and tricks for wedding

Here are 30 tips and tricks for brides from Martin Setunsky, profesional wedding photographer based in the beautiful Christchurch, New Zealand. A woman’s wedding day is often one of her biggest dreams. Having a superb, unforgettable and majestic wedding is at the top of the list for many brides. A lot of time and planning goes into making the day special. But once the day comes it runs so fast that you want to make sure your photos are wonderful to remember it by. So here are some tips and tricks which will make your wedding day photography more smooth and will help you to get better photos. The wedding day for a photographer starts with the bride getting ready. Me as a photographer, I really like to get to the brides getting ready location pretty soon after the make-up artist and hairdresser arrives. This allows me to have time…

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