Hi all, I am Martin, New Zealand qualified wedding photographer. I am based in Christchurch, but open to travel anywhere in the world.

Yes that’s right. Travelling is my second hobby, right after being wedding photographer. Make me photograph your wedding on other side of the world and you will make me the happiest person you will ever know.
I came to New Zealand in October 2012 just for travel as well, just 1 year of working holiday visa. 4 months after I’ve met one awesome kiwi girl and she has never let me go back, not that I would complain 😉

Being wedding photographer is for me a passion. Can you imagine you can do whatever you love, whatever brings you joy and happiness? You have so many ideas how to do that right and make it even better. That is how I feel about photographing people and especially photographing weddings. Everyone is so happy for the whole day and that smile and laughter is so contagious.

Best way to find out more about me and my work, especially what I can do for you, is meet with me. We can meet at my studio in Christchurch, or some nice cosy place with good coffee. I will show you some of my sample wedding albums which I have done and answer many of your questions about your upcoming wedding. Contact here.

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